Trade between Norway and France is considerable! France was the seventh largest trading partner to Norway in 2015 - the fourth largest export market and the eight largest import market.

Large volumes move between these two countries. Considering both the environment and costs - it should go by sea! Viasea offer favorable departures and arrivals. End-of-week shipments have the same lead time as road freight.

You will find us in the ports of Oslofjord every Monday morning! - A good start of the week!


We can assist you with:

  • own department in Rotterdam, local knowledge and experience
  • partner network
  • call at ports of Oslofjord every Monday morning
  • door - door service
  • quay - quay service
  • fixed schedules to give you predictable lead times and deliveries
  • shorter road freight saves environment - less CO2 emmision
  • lower cost

We can offer;

  • reloading and cross docking
  • trucking
  • customs services
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VAT: NO 984 060 386
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