Why ship by sea?
Why ship by sea?
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Why ship by sea?

All parties strongly agree upon the favorable arguments for sea freight opposed to road freight. Governments across Europe work to facilitate growth within this means of transport. The goal is to make sea freight the better choice for the large volumes of goods moving around Europe.
Viasea votes for the environment! We want to get the goods off the roads in Europe and move it to the sea!  

Large volumes move around Europe - roads are crowded and our environment suffers. The traditional arguments for using the road as transport route, are time and flexibility. 

Viasea goes against these arguments, and claims the benefits of still using road freight are few. Arguments for using sea freight are predictable arrivals, and saving both costs and the environment. 

Sea freight benefits;
  • you choose the greener alternative, which shows your company has the ability to adjust to a more environmentally friendly way
  • you take a corporate responsibility, which is great - your customers demand and expect it!
  • you save money, sea freight is a less expensive mode of transport
  • your arrivals will be more predictable 
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