As per 01/06/2019 CCT Moerdijk will be connected to Portbase

As per 01/06/2019 CCT Moerdijk will be connected to Portbase

Published: 13. May 2019
We would like to inform you that CCT Moerdijk will be connected to Portbase to secure an efficient handling of customs formalities as per 1st of June 2019.
Portbase is the Port Community System which can be seen as the National platform for exchanging messages between all agents, terminals, port authorities and Governmental organizations (such as Customs, Immigration, veterinarian inspections) in the Dutch ports. Terminals like ECT, Euromax, RWG, APM and Uniport have been working with Portbase for many years.

This means that containers can’t be delivered to CCT Moerdijk before the export document has been uploaded in Portbase.

There are several ways to arrange a smooth operation:

  • Ask your customer to upload the issued export-document
  • Get Portbase and upload the export-document yourself
  • Ask your custom broker to upload the export-document
  • Send the export-document to us before container arrives at the terminal and we will upload the export-document 
Determine who is responsible for the pre-notification of customs documents
Once the import or export declaration has been completed, the customs documents in question will need to be immediately pre-notified at the shortsea terminal via Portbase.
The importer/exporter can do this, but also the forwarder, customs agent or, on occasion, the transport company. Make clear agreements about this! Without pre-notification, the transporter will not be granted access to the terminal and your cargo will come to a standstill.

Link to document registration:
Remember: No pre-notified document means no access!
In case of any questions, feel free to contact us.
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