New route and new opportunities

New route and new opportunities

Published: 02. March 2018
Starting in April, Viasea will launch its new service in the Baltic Sea, with a weekly schedule between Norway, Poland and Lithuania.
The service will be a fixed weekly schedule with end of the week sailings from Klaipeda and Gdynia, and an arrival in Oslo on Monday morning, ready for unloading. The transit time on this route is shorter and more predictable than most other freight alternatives.

- The first departure from Klaipeda will take place 5th April 2018, says Morten Pettersen, Managing Director of Viasea.

Click here to see the schedule between Lithuania and Norway.
Click here to see the schedule between Poland and Norway.

There are many advantages of choosing shortsea. This form of transport has proven to be less expensive and more environmentally friendly as opposed to the traditional road freight. Conditions are favorable and short sea is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

- You choose the greener alternative, which shows your company has the ability to adjust to a more environmentally friendly way, you take a corporate responsibility, which is great - your customers demand and expect it, says Pettersen.

- You save money, sea freight is a less expensive mode of transport, and your arrivals will be more predictable, he continues.

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An extensive amount of goods is moved from Poland and the Baltics to Norway. Companies choosing sea freight, show willingness to move towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

- By combining our strengths and existing networks, we can offer a new alternative for our customers, as well as open up for new opportunities” states Morten Pettersen.

The new route is a collaboration between Containerships and Viasea, and will enable the two shipping companies to offer, what they believe is, the market's best shortsea solution between Norway, Poland and the Baltic countries.

- Klaipeda is the largest and most important logistics hub for Finland, Russia and other Baltic countries. There are also good connections with the Viking train that runs from Istanbul to Klaipeda, says Pettersen.

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