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We take to the seas - the best way of transport in Europe?

Did you know that goods from many countries in Europe and the Baltics might as well go by sea - instead of road? Road freight is the traditional way of transport between Europe and Norway. But now, with a schedule set up to give you lead times to compete with road - it is easier for you to choose sea freight. You help save the environment, and you will even save some money!

Viasea now offers a fixed schedule between Port of Moerdijk (near Port of Rotterdam) and Oslo, arriving in Port of Oslo twice a week; every Monday  morning and Wednesday afternoon. And from Klaipeda and Gdynia to Oslo - your goods arrive in Oslo Monday morning! And our route for export and import to and from the UK, with direct sailing from Kristiansand to Immingham in only 28 hours!

We also have partners helping you with freight from Portugal and Spain. Check out our schedule!

Predictability is the key word - you will have your goods when expected. In addition we give you favorable lead times, efficient handling and fair prices.

We have good solutions for import- and export. Click for more information;

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