Privacy policy

How Viasea handles your personal data

This privacy statement deals with how the Viasea gathers and handles your personal data. The privacy statement applies to the entire Viasea, which includes the businesses/departments in all the countries in which we operate.

Where Viasea posts links to external companies/services on its web pages, our responsibility for privacy protection no longer applies when you enter the external website. We do not share personal data, nor do we access or handle personal data posted on external websites, unless otherwise specified in this statement. 

1. Data Controller

2. The purpose of handling the data

3. What is the legal basis?

4. What type of data is handled?

5. Where is the information retrieved from?

6. Is it voluntary to give out the information?

7. Is the information divulged to third parties?

8. How is the information stored and erased?

9. What are the rights of registered persons, and which country-specific laws apply?

10. How is the data secured?

11. Contact information

12. Complaints

13. Amendments to the statement

Here you can find more information about GDPR and the consequences of the new rules:

Datatilsynet: Nye personvernregler i 2018 
Regjeringen: Nye personvernregler i EU 
EU: Protection of personal data 
We want to take good care of you. If you have any questions about your privacy policies, we would like to hear from you.

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