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The shipping line Viasea Shipping was established fall of 2016. Main focus is short sea business between Europe, the Baltics and Norway, with regular schedule between Rotterdam and the Oslofjord, coordinated with lines from England
Viasea is a Norwegian owned company with our own ship and independent of other shipping lines. The current situation with few players in the market and an opening for a predictable shipping line gave the idea for Viasea's establishment.  

Viasea wants to be an asset to the short sea business, and delivers container services between Europe and Norway. Customers are forwarders, tank operators, direct customers and other shipping lines.

Viasea is a challenger in the market, with a regular schedule between Rotterdam and the Oslofjord. We want to be a good short sea alternative, through;
  • spacious and regular schedules, arriving in Oslofjord every Monday morning
  • flexible organization with ability adjust and change quickly
  • direct dialogue and good communication with customers  
  • favorable prices
  • environmentally friendly transport, a good and realistic alternative to road freight
Viasea is established with departments in Moss and Rotterdam.


Our services should always be the best sea freight alternative to road freight, considering environment, time and cost.


  • Viasea will offer the most reliable services within its segment
  • Viasea offers a genuine road freight alternative
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Viasea Shipping AS
Solgaard Skog 144,
N-1599 Moss
VAT: NO 984 060 386
Tel: +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
Plaza 4
NL-4782 SK, Moerdijk
VAT: NO 984 060 386
Tel; +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
Vålerveien 165
N-1599 MOSS
Tel: +47 69 25 70 00

Viasea Shipping AS
Middenweg 35
NL-4782 PP Moerdijk
Tel; +31 (0) 629006969