Our short sea services

Viasea offers a predictable short sea service between the Baltics, Europe and Norway! Conditions are favorable and short sea is the greener alternative. Arrival in Oslofjord every Monday morning - you can trust the arrival time and be confident the delivery will be according to your expectations.  
Container transport
We know container transport and short sea! Check out our weekly, fixed services from Europe and the Baltics.
Short sea
Do you need freight transport, FCL or LCL to/from the Baltics, or Europe? We can help you!
Quay - quay
Viasea; fixed route between Scandinavia and Europe - call in Oslofjord ports every Monday morning!
Door - door
Viasea from door to door
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Viasea Shipping AS
Solgaard Skog 144,
N-1599 Moss
VAT: NO 984 060 386
Tel: +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
Plaza 4
NL-4782 SK, Moerdijk
VAT: NO 984 060 386
Tel; +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
Vålerveien 165
N-1599 MOSS
Tel: +47 69 25 70 00

Viasea Shipping AS
Middenweg 35
NL-4782 PP Moerdijk
Tel; +31 (0) 629006969