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United Kingdom - UK and Norway have a long history as trading partners - still today UK is one of Norway's most important countries of trade.

With own office in the UK, and only two countries involved - the freight and customs job becomes easier! We have expertise in both import and export from both countries, and will help you all the way. We handle all kind of products that fits in a container.

The schedule between the port of Immingham and Norway will give you a good possibility for distribution to the whole of southern Norway. First stop in Norway is Oslo, then we call at Moss, Larvik and Kristiansand, before returning directly to Immingham. Giving a transit time of only 28 hours from the southern part of Norway and to the UK!


We can assist you with:

  • reloading
  • cross docking
  • container trucking
  • container freight
  • customs handling
  • door - door service
  • quay - quay service

We offer;

  • arrival and departure to / from Immingham port in the UK
  • fixed departures and arrivals gives predictable lead times
  • shorter road freight distances saves the environment - less CO2 emission
  • call at several Norwegian ports; port of Oslo, Moss, Larvik and Kristiansand (which makes less need for road freight)
  • favorable pricing for sea freight compared to road freight
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