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We always have the customer in focus, and you can expect a high level of service and close follow-up. Viasea is a small shipping line with extensive knowledge within transport services in Europe. We will give you guidence and advice, and rates. You might be surprised of how much goods can be sent by sea - Viasea know the way!


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Bunker surcharge
Viasea, Bunkers surcharge - Average Fuel prices in Euro
Rate inquiry
Viasea, Rate inquiry - price inquiry
Our multimodal shortsea service is designed to exceed customer demands,
Public holidays
Viasea, select the country, and get an overview of the holidays.
Terms & phrases
Viasea Terms & phrases
Freight insurance
Freight insurance, or goods insurance, is an insurance policy that protects goods’ owners against financial loss when goods are on their way from supplier to recipient.
Viasea: we want to help you as efficiently and quickly as possible and ask that you allert us as soon as the damage is known
Dangerous goods
Viasea, do you need to transport dangerous goods?
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Viasea Shipping AS
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VAT: NO 984 060 386
Tel; +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
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Tel: +47 69 25 70 00

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