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Viasea has specialised in transport between Europe / Baltics and Norway, calling at the norwegian ports of Oslo – Moss – Larvik - Kristiansand. From Norway to Moerdijk/Rotterdam we sail twice a week! 
Port of Aarhus
Viasea: Port of Aarhus is ranked as the largest container port in Denmark. It is an impotant hub for further distribution towards the Norcdic countries and most of Europe.
Port of Gdynia
Viasea: Port of Gdynia is the largest port in Poland and an important logistics hub for trade with the Trans-European corridor.
Port of Klaipeda
Viasea: The port of Klaipeda is the largest and most important logistics hub of Lithuania for sea, road and rail transportation. Short distances to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine etc. makes Klaipeda an effective choice of port for trade to the east!
Port of Kristiansand
Viasea arrives at the port of Kristiansand every Tuesday morning
Port of Lübeck
Viasea: Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH is Germany's largest port operator on the Baltic Sea. We arrive in Lübeck Wednesdays and return to Oslo on Tuesdays .
Port of Moerdijk - Rotterdam
Viasea: Moerdijk is situated between Rotterdam and Antwerpen - an ideal hub for transport to and from the European kontinent.
Port of Moss
Viasea arrives at the port of Moss every Monday
Port of Oslo
Viasea: we arrive in Oslo prot every Monday morning

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