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Viasea, havnen Moerdijk i Rotterdam

Port of Moerdijk - Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam is ranked as the largest and most busy port in Europe, and is a considerable hub for further distribution.

We have chosen the Rotterdam Port of Moerdijk, as it is situated between Rotterdam and Antwerpen. This location makes the port an ideal hub for transport to and from the European inland.


We arrive in Moerdijk, Rotterdam Wednesdays at 7am, and return to Oslo Saturdays at 3am.

Advantages with port of Moerdijk:
  • Avoid congestion, queues and delays in the larger ports
  • Centrally situated, yet avoiding the busiest motorways
  • A niche port specialised on short sea traffic to Europe
  • A traffic hub in regards to road and rail distribution
  • Direct rail connection with Germany and Italy
  • Can receive all types of goods
  • A modern and efficient container terminal
  • Shorter reloading lead time
  • Quay: 5 kilometers 

Click here to read more about Moerdijk on their own homepage 

Opening hours for transport - Port of Moerdijk

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Port of Moerdijk
Stevedore/ terminaloperator
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Viasea shipping

Sea freight is the environmental winner, has the same lead time as road freight, and is a cost saving alternative.
Viasea Shipping AS
Vålerveien 165
N-1599 MOSS
Tel: +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
Plaza 4
NL-4782 SK, Moerdijk
Tel; +47 69 25 70 00
Viasea Shipping AS
Vålerveien 165
N-1599 MOSS
Tel: +47 69 25 70 00

Viasea Shipping AS
Middenweg 35
NL-4782 PP Moerdijk
Tel; +31 (0) 629006969